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REbereshith by polaus REbereshith by polaus
bereshith pic + 3h in photoshop

stop asking me how i did it :D

still photoshop only

fav's and comments .... welcome
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DarkLucien Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2009
Damn this is seriously brilliant work.. :D
But yeh have to ask.. How the f*ck did you do that.. :O
XmH Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2006
Nice job dude, i realy love the colors and lightning.
Gangstarr71 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2006
Its really nice! Just write a tutorial'd be super famous lol +fav +watch
orenSOB Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2005
nice works....:)
EmperorMikey Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2005
Must say, although I normally avoid looking at most digital art (a good portion of it looks like it was done on paint!) this is exceptional, reminds me of Giger (my hero) except without the phallus! Brilliant, you have porven me wrong that all digital art is boring and made by talentless arses who can't be arsed to pick up a pencil. After all, anyone can click a mouse and use paint...

But this is soooo good...
DISTORTED-TRUTH Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2005 LOL. Good work.
Genesis-Orbit Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2005   Photographer
how the hell is that ps only? it must have taken at least a week to do lol
Sonic-z Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2004
Good, very much...
supplecurves Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2004
you do really gorgeous work :worship:
gam3ov3r Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2004
Well awesome. And i have to tell ya something, i know how to do this piece ;-)
SunSunich Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
This one's great! Live and movement of something of unearthly origin... Light is just like it should be here. True cool! Thanx, polaus!
b-c Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2004
was looking in your gallery and just really wanted to have this one in my fav-list, great render, colors and brushwork ^^
philipptr Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2004
i think i know how you made it :D

aweome work you did... especially the colors rock :)
MacabreMachina Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2004
You think you know?? Go ahead, let's hear it. We probably all have a guess. I'll be damned if I'm gonna go on forever NOT knowing how the crazy sucker did it. So, let's hear the theory...
philipptr Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2004
well the 3d effect is imho made like this:
you make the main object (brush it or make it just as you like)
merge all layers of this object if you havent done yet
duplicate it and click on the lower on and free transform it slightly (slight turning if you want to turn it into the background and slight resizing (dont make it bigger make it smaller instead ;) ))
now do this procedure over and over again or make it like 4 times merge the 4 layers of the procedures and then free transform them again

well then you still have to do the brushing and the background
19-10 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2004
sooo, how did you do it? :p
mandrag Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2004   Writer
...I think I need a towel. God, that's absolutely gorgeous. I do believe I've just found myself a new background!
Fractured-Visual Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
darn with a damn photoshop?? man :+fav:
RyJek Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2004
Tu jush nawet nie da sie nic powiedziec O_o
yanus Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2004
fucking christ. photoshop only! geez man, reall well done
sirspy Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2004
very nice, reminds me of Giger
trevor-gfx Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2004
ps only ?

If yes, my congratulations
Awesome ps skils.. I'm really impressed
Olli-Kalma Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2004
Just love that green glow!!
asseliN Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2004
i myself am a photoshop only artist, and i can do some pretty cool stuff. but this is amazing. after seeing this peice i was just stunned. very nice, you've gained my respect (which really dosent mean anything, sadly)
shadz Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2004
wow, thats a good one for just photoshop. perhaps you could help me out one day with my brushing and what not...

anyway, i like the colors. very detailed. its awesome in my opinion!
andree Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2004
amazin work
colors are great and mod of this work...i love it :clap:
7oX Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2004
<I love the green
freezerguy Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2004
i dont understand why you are acting like an asshole. you obviously have skills and people are just wanting to know how you did it. i do not think you should respond like that. also why don't you take into concideration what other people have to say. did it occur to you that other ideas are good? i am not going to say that i don't like you work because that is not true, but it is the artist behind the work that needs to change.

polaus Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2004
i'm acting like an asshole ??
wow ... where?
sorry i don't understand you
puresynergy Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2004  Professional General Artist
Indeed it is an inspiring piece of work. As far as the HOW TO'S.. I am going to take a swipe at the basics...

The document probably consisted of 6 or 7 basic, small artworks, then those layers where duped many, many times and moved to create the "train" affect, in essence, you have 50 of 1 graphic for 1 object. Do that to all the artworks, create a couple of effect layers, a couple of pen drawn flares, drop them in, in the correct orders and there ya have it. Of course, it is not only the original graphic that makes this piece stunning, it's the manner in which they where used.

Great job!
eorthorexic Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2004
The impression of infinity, from the repeating shapes, and the mood lighting realy do ity for me. I like it. Nice job. :D
wickedv6 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2004
Very H.R. Giger'ish... I like it
daheroes Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2004
LiphStylez Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2004
I Like it!
negative-infinity Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2004
oh my f***ing god... this is awesome.. wish i could do it
etwo Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2004
VERY nice man. those types of pictures take forever to make, so i respect you for your patience. looks hella cool too. (= :+fav:
sabotage Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
reminds me of fractals, snake's skin, the matrix: revolutions ending scene, lots of cables, really wicked! great colors and design, amazing chaos
zlandicar Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
I know how he did it! But I'm not telling any of you ;)

Great work, man.
blueoctober Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2004
cerebrolabs Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2004   Digital Artist
I think you're full of it. 3 hours, no thanks.

I understand that someone can create something like that from scratch, but 3 hours? Nah. Plus, you seem to be at a real loss of words, and I wouldn't be surprised if you were caught one day. If you are cheating, you are only cheating yourself.
polaus Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2004
thx for belief :(
why should i lie to you??
it will make pic differend if i will tell you ... 6h in photoshop .... no ... :(

sorry for my english ... it make my " loss of words"
cerebrolabs Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2004   Digital Artist
I didn't mean to offend you if you were, but I just honestly cannot believe you made that from scratch.

Unless you just duplicate a couple of patterns? It's good work I will admit, good job, but I do not believe you did it in Photoshop completely :\
polaus Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2004
i did it in photoshop completely ...
photoshop can much more than just duplication of patterns

Ruttolapsi Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2004
Very nice. I used same technic in one of my pieces [link]
boyaka Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2004  Professional Photographer
kickass m8 :) +fav
terra-visions Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2004
selassie Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2004
nice piece but i think if you graddually faded those pieces from the outside to the inside it would work better..

nice comp tho

lot's of duplicate-layer he
SystemOverload Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2004   Interface Designer
how did you do it... haha just kidding just kidding.. everyone of your pieces makes me want to throw my computer out my window because i know i will never be able to make something like you do
7of9 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2004
very nice and great work :clap:
depaz Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2004
Owwwwwww, this is a well done work. Excellent 3d work, y love that green lights. yumi!!!! :worship:
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